The equipping, software and support power of the company

This consultant engineers company With an experienced staff of 184 qualified engineers and 10 branches in different states of the country, these consultant engineers are currently continuing their work. Considering the fact that the expertise ranking of these consultant engineers are rank 1  in water and wastewater installation, rank 3 in geology mapping and rank 3 in irrigation and drainage. And the members of the board of directors are holders of related degrees and qualifications to this industry. Besides the fact that it has complete knowledge of the challenges faced in this area, it also has the capability and experience to solve the problems and deal with the dilemmas in the industry of water and wastewater.

 These consultant engineers have started their activities with the approach of carrying out studies and projects and the heading “planning and performance” which the main domain of these consultant engineers in different projects are as follows:

a) Planning and construction contracts (DB)

b) Planning and managing contracts (DM)

c) Executive management contracts (CM , MC)

d) Executive contracts, giving the responsibility to do the executive affairs to construct contractors (CM)

e) Executive contracts with guaranteed prices

f) Engineering contracts, preparation and execution (EPC)

-      Preparation of goods and facilities engineering (EP)

-      Preparation and execution management engineering (EPCM)

-      Preparation and execution consultancy engineering (EPAC)

-      Preparation, execution and installation engineering (EPCI)

-      Preparation and execution supervision engineering (EPCS)

-      Preparation and construction planning (EPMS)