In the name of god
A prominent and intriguing element of modern civilization is the specific concern of scholars, researchers and intellectuals for life in future. This consideration is based on a belief that the future regarding all its complexities and ambiguities is still recognizable and the human kind is able to put ahead of his way a more vivid and clear image of the events and happenings of future by the help of the accessible scientific fundamentals.
The humankind has become more encouraged and daring to sketch the image of future due to the numerous successes it has gained in confronting the nature and the improvements in science. Another factor, which can be considered as the main factor in taking the future into account is the movement of history in the path of its events and consequences which has speeded up in a fascinating way. Hence, the national and transnational transformations have exceeded the limited scale of its past and each event has finally turned into a universal one.
The advancements of the recent years in connection with science and technology and specifically in the field of designing and implementing a civil project, has tempted the intellectuals and the technical inventors and any economic expert to think globally.
In this regard Sazab Andish Consultant Engineers Company is hoping to play the best possible role in the development, progress and prosperity of our beloved country by its active engagement in designing and executing civil projects. In addition this company has included transnational projects in its developmental perspective. wishing the best of luck for all the people who think and make every effort for the dignity of Iran.