The Engineering Consultant Sazab Andish Company, during 10 years of active pursuit in water and wastewater engineering, has achieved the success to attain the employers’ satisfaction by the use of knowledge and experience in addition to bringing innovation in carrying out projects. This company is committed to enhance the quality and expand the quantity of its services in and out of the borders of the country. This can be achieved through focusing on its organizational mission, relying on efficient management, having a staff of professional and experienced employers and also the capability to organize efficiently by using up-to-date technologies and creativity.

By using the best experts and professional technicians, these consultant engineers do all the engineering services from the stage of plan recognition to stage of exploitation and maintenance in the below areas of activity:

Services such as carrying out recognition studies, conceptual, basic designing, detailed designing and also supervising the execution of the work, supervising the exploitation and maintenance and management of the design, design and construction of the (ECP, EP, DB) projects are included in the domain of the services.

The areas in which Sazab Andish consultant engineers company work in are mentioned below:

1- Distribution network and water transmission lines and urban, rural and industrial water supplying

2- Pumping stations and  reservoirs
3- Urban, rural and industrial water treatment and desalination

4- Urban, rural and industrial sewage treatment

5- Urban mud house treatment
6- User studies of waste and optimum reuse of sewage

7- Sewage network and urban surface waters

8- Comprehensive water resources studies

9- Surveying and engineering services

10- Evaluation of  environmental effects

11- Economical and value engineering considerations

12- networks and filtration house

The engineering services provided by these consultant engineers in the ground of distribution network and water transmission lines and urban, rural, and urban green space water supplying and also urban wastewater collection include the below cases:

1- Design demographics studies

2- Climatology, hydrology and hydrogeology design studies

3- Project geology

4- Estimation of per capita consumption of water design

5- Consideration of the status of the available utilities of the design  

6- Determining the general aspects of the design and the regulations of designing

7- Choosing the wastewater collecting system

8- Determining the volume of the needed water reservoirs of the plan

9- The technical features of the network and transmission line

10- The financial estimation and the executive quality control of the project

11- Environmental and social analysis due to the execution or none execution of the project


The environmental services provided by these consultant engineers related to water and sewage filtration houses include the below points:

1- Taking into account the current status in water or sewage

2- The way of future development

3- Locating the place of filtration house

4- The determination of treatment capacity in the period of planning and its staging

5- Determination of quality features biologically and chemically

6- Locating the construction place of the filtration house and the technical evaluation of the suggested locations

7- Presenting the different alternatives of treatment and taking into account the processes of treatment and the features of filtration house units

8- Comparison of the suggested alternatives both technically and economically

9- Basic plan of better alternative and the plan of positioning treatment units and design of none process buildings.

10- Examination of electromechanical, electric, control facilities and the exact tools needed for the filtration house and technical features

11- Dispose of the waste produced by the filtration house and examining the treatment system of mud and the needed degree for filtering mud

12-  Providing the maps for locating the units PFD, P & ID, Mass and balance

13- Studying and examining the results of soil mechanic and geophysics

14- Preparing plans and details, phase two maps as built

15-  Non-defense operating studies

In line with this service of Sazab Andish consultant engineers company with the exploitation of advanced and modern processes of wastewater treatment in wastewater filtration house projects such as the advanced five-staged process of penetrating load of water treatment of Iran Khodro company, attempts to use modern and more efficient technologies to reach higher standards, and a higher quality out going affluent and has also made every effort to protect and conserve the environment.